Easy Nivo Slider

Add Nivo Slider to your WordPress site with no coding.

Easy Nivo Slider allows you to easily add the awesome Nivo Slider to any post, page, or sidebar without writing any code.

[panel label='Overview']
This plugin generates the slideshow for you and supports many customizations.  Select which images are used in the slider and how you want it to appear, and the plugin does the rest.

Download Easy Nivo Slider plugin

» Version 2.0 beta now available

» Very basic walk-through creation of a “Current Post” slider

» Version 1.6.2

» Version 1.6

What is Nivo Slider?

“The world’s most awesome jQuery slider” – with beautiful transitions and intuitive navigation.  http://nivo.dev7studios.com/



  1. Upload the plugin to your blog.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Go to the Nivo Slider Settings page and set the size and behavior for your sliders. You can have three different configurations, and as many sliders as you want.
  4. Add sliders to your posts or pages with the Nivo button in the visual editor, or to the sidebar with a widget.

[panel label='Examples']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=4000 caption='true']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=5000 caption='true' arrows='false' controls_buttons='true' ]

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=6000 caption='true' controls_numbers='true']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=8000 caption='true' arrows='true' hide_arrows='false']

[nivo post_type="website" number=5  size="second" speed=600 caption='false' captionopacity=0.0 pause=7000 controls_thumbs='true' ]


[panel label='Screenshots']
[attachments-list size="thumbnail"]


[panel label='Coming Soon...']

Some of the things planned for future versions of the plugin:


65 Responses

  1. hendra says:

    Hi, thanks for great plugin, but I cant remove “debug=” text how to delete this text? thnaks

  2. admin says:

    It sounds like you want to modify your theme header so a slider appears instead of the theme’s header image – is that correct? That’s going to depend on what theme you’re using and how it handles header images, but if you’re comfortable modifying your theme’s header.php file, you can call easy-nivo-slider manually with the function easy_nivo_slider_for_featured_images();. I’ve haven’t written an API document yet, but it takes an array as its parameter and has a format similar to WP_Query.

    For example, to display a slider with featured images from the category ‘HEADER’:

    • Kesha Brown says:

      Hi, I’d like to follow up on this as well. I am needing to create a slider on the homepage using featured images from posts. I’m using a custom homepage and do feel comfortable editing this page (though I’m only a novice at PHP).

      I installed the plugin thinking I could just take some code and add it to my homepage.

      Currently, the homepage is already using a nivo slider but it is limited and only grab posts from a portfolio. I don’t want to do that.

      It’s calling the nivo slider using WP_query…how do I change that block of code to call a nivo slider using your plugin?

      Here’s the current code in my index.php file:

      while ($featuredPosts->have_posts()) : $featuredPosts->the_post(); ?>
      <a href="”> ”,’title’=>”));?>

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      okay, sorry about this…feel free to delete these last two comments…the code won’t paste :-)

      Here’s the site I’m editing – http://roadtothepottershouse.com/homepage/

      • admin says:

        Hi Kesha, so, if you want the slider to show ten featured images from the “portfolio” post type, here’s the call to do that:


        Was that what you were asking? Wasn’t sure if you did or didn’t want portfolio pics.

        This call will generate a slider using the settings for the “first slider” in the settings panel, so that’s where you can set the buttons/numbers/navigation, etc.

    • Paul says:

      Hi there,

      When i edit the header.php file and include the following, nothing comes up.

      Is there something else i could try? I am trying to display the featured images in the header of the front page.

      • admin says:

        Hello Paul, I didn’t see what you added to your header. Did the code get left out?
        Not know anything about your header or theme, I can’t really advise you how to modify it. The first thing I would do would be to get the slider working on a regular page to make sure it’s correct, then start modifying your header.php file to move the slider there. Good luck – it’s a lot of fun once you get started.

        • Paul says:

          Sorry about that. Here is the code I put into my header: http://pastie.org/1725178

          All I want to do is have the slider above my main content one the home page. It must contain the featured images from the last couple of articles.

          • admin says:

            Hi Paul,
            I would suggest working on the preview page to build the slider you want – when people get the “no images” message it’s usually because the request set has a mistake. Then add the shortcode to your home page.

            You mentioned adding php code to your header, but this will place the slider at the top of every page on your site – is that what you’re trying to do?

  3. Apryle says:

    Thanks for the plugin! I’m using this as a photo rotator and would like to link to the the image’s URL instead of to the post. So, clicking on it would take you to the full-size or whatever URL I input as the image’s link.

    Any help is appreciated!

    • admin says:

      Hi Apryle,

      In that case you’ll want to use the “Current Post Slider” tab (which is the default) when you insert a slider. Attach pictures to a post or page (they don’t have to be displayed/inserted, just attached), and create a slider. Make sure the the “Linking” checkbox is selected on the Nivo Slider settings page, and each slider image will get linked to the full-size version.

      I also use a thickbox plugin (clicking an image displays the fullsize image in a popup window), and found that with the Nivo Slider, you can select an image in the slider and it will work with the thickbox. (It may not work with every thickbox plugin-hard to plan for everything!)

      • Apryle says:

        Thank you for your awesomely fast reply.

        So the widget will only show images from the most current post? Heres a little more info on my intentions…

        I was actually trying to use the manual display function you gave to the other April:
        …in a template file.

        I dont want it to pull from the most current post only; I am hoping I can use the category system (so I can create and assign some posts to a category called “Post to Slideshow”) so I can pick and choose. So, I would like the functionality of the category picker, but need the images to open instead of the post.

        Thanks for your time!

        • admin says:

          So, we’re talking about two different types of slider, and they have slightly different behaviors:
          - Current Post Slider – shows images attached to the current post. Selecting the “Linking” checkbox will link each slide to the fullsize version of that image.
          - Featured Post Slider – shows featured images for the type of post you specify. In your case, a particular category. Selecting the “Linking” checkbox here will link each slide to the POST that the image is attached to.
          I had not considered the case where someone would link a featured image for a post to the image instead of the post., but can see how in your scenario it would be useful. It would be possible to add this functionality to the plugin, but would require changing the Settings panel to handle the new option, and isn’t something the plugin can do yet. (it would not be too hard to add for a future release, though.)
          It might also be possible for you to create a single.php template system to display the fullsize version of your image.

  4. haije says:


    thanks for a great plugin!

    A few questions:
    1. If I already have included the slider to a page, how can I modify its setting, for example speed? What is the default speed?

    2. How could I add border to the images in the slider?

    (3. I hope you would update the version to the WordPress plugin directory?)

    4. Can you give a tip, how not to show the title of the page of the slider? (but to show it in another pages)

    Thanks! :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Haije,
      I’ll give examples for the answers:

      1. If I already have included the slider to a page, how can I modify its setting, for example speed? What is the default speed?

      The default speed is half a second to transition from one slide to another, and pause 3 seconds on each slide. Here’s the settings to change that
      [nivo speed=1000 pause=10000]
      This changes the slider to 1 second transitions and pause for 10 seconds.
      Note that you can set the timing of the slider when you add it to the page – they are in the “Slider Settings” fields

      2. How could I add border to the images in the slider?

      At the moment, this requires adding some CSS to your theme’s style.css file. I’m adding an option to allow custom styling…so, coming soon…

      (3. I hope you would update the version to the WordPress plugin directory?)

      Working on it! There are a few changes I’m adding to the next release, and I want to make sure they’re correct…

      4. Can you give a tip, how not to show the title of the page of the slider? (but to show it in another pages)

      I think this will do it:
      [nivo caption='false']

  5. nonie says:

    Great concept and customization, however having problems using it with the most current wordpress. Trying to use the widget slider, and the only option I have is posts, categories, then I have to select. No matter what I select it cycles through 2 photos only, from the first page. It does not grab anything from other pages or from the blog. I would like to point it to specific pages or posts. Can you tell me how?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. nonie says:

    Nice design.
    Slider as a widget is just cycling through two pics, both off second page of site. Can’t direct it to anything else, no matter how I change the settings. Would like it to show more images from the blog or from a specific page or category, which I don’t have the option to do in the options page. Please let me know what I can do.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nonie,
      Which of the three slider widgets are you including? This sounds like an odd glitch and I’ll look into it once I have more details.

  7. nick says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I’m having a problem when using nextgen galleries and thumbnail navigation. The thumbnail images are not showing up. I get the following:

    img src=”undefined”

    I know this means that your plugin can’t find the image thumbnails but I don’t know how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.


    • admin says:

      Ah, I’m working on the NextGen integration. It’s not as refined as the rest of the plugin. I’ve just determined how to access the NextGen thumbnails, and I’m including that in the next release.

  8. Adam Blue says:

    How can I post the slider to my main page? I must be missing something. My goal is to put it in the body above the blog posts, but under the nav bar. I want it to feature from every category.

    • admin says:

      Hi Adam,
      Your question makes me wonder: Do you have an actual main page, or is it an archive list? If it’s an actual page, you can just edit it and add the slider. But if it’s just an archive list, there’s no “page” for the plugin to lock onto, so you’d need to add a call to the slider function (as described in other comments) to the template file from your theme. (Corrections welcome if I’m mistaken here.)

  9. Dom says:


    Great plugin! Looks stunning.

    I have it on my homepage to slide between the six images attached to that page but a 7th one appears in the slider. This image looks broken and the slider doesn’t display it. Any idea what’s gone wrong?

    Also, do you plan to enable custom linking for the slides too (i.e. if I want one of the images to link to a specific page on my site)?


    • admin says:

      Dom, I think I’ve found what caused the extra image, it should be corrected in the release I’m working on.
      As far as the custom link-to-pages, I’m adding a “page” option to the “featured images” slider. So you can create a slilder for the pages of your site. That’s going in the next release too.

  10. Lawrence says:

    Site is not live yet. I installed the plugin, but when I go to preview it, it says that no images are found. I’ve got the post image inserted in the editor field along with some text describing it. What am I doing wrong?

  11. Pierpaolo says:

    I whish to use the sidebar widget eith NextGen (WP 3.0.5)
    Is it possible to show a nextgen album instead of a gallery?
    This is because I want to display only pictures from some galleries
    So, I would add those galleries to an album and select the album in the widget.
    Hope I managed to eplain myself.

    • admin says:

      I haven’t researched how NextGen albums are stored yet. Will look into this for a future release.

  12. Pierpaolo says:

    Like I said, I am trying to use your plugin with nextgen.
    I am having problems with the thumbnails: they are not generated.

    • admin says:

      NextGen does its own image sizing and thumbnail generation which is why the plugin is having NextGen troubles right now. I’m working on cleaning up how NextGen sliders are built and hope to publish the next release today.

  13. Gpurz says:

    Hi Admin!

    Beautiful plugin! I’ve been using a PHP call function for NextGen Gallery to rotate image headers on my main page, but this is much prettier! I was wondering what would be the PHP call function to use for this plugin for a NextGen Gallery called headers? Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      I’m going from memory here, but I think the call would be:
      The easy_nivo_slider_for_nextgen function receives an array as its parameter, and the ‘gallery’ record determines the NextGen gallery.
      The get_easy_nivo_slider_for_nextgen function returns the slider as a string, without displaying it.
      Good luck!

  14. Declan says:

    I sent an email last night about this plugin not working with blissfulblog – I’ve since tried some of the in-house themes and it appears to be working so it must be a theme clash. I’ve left that subdomain “as is” for the moment so you can take a look if it would be of use to you if you like but I’ll start again on another subdomain to try to get this working.

    Ill also echo the comment from above on the extra thumbnail with no image this is when the plugin works on other themes. Im using 1.6.2 – no extra thumb appears in my front page (set up to be featured) but it still happens in blog postings (regular attached images).

    Hope this helps – cracking effort :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Declan,
      I’m not familiar with that theme. I try to following WordPress coding standards to avoid conflicts with other plugins and themes, but it’s possible I’ve missed something. It’s also possible that the theme is doing something odd.
      The Extra Thumbnail problem is known and should be corrected in the next release – Version 2.0

  15. babybiggles says:

    Awesome slider – Many thanks!

    Is there a setting for centering the slider?

    I must be missing something because it seems so simple!

    I have put a slider in a page and it all works well apart from it isnt centered. I have tried centering the actual code that calls the slider but it has no effect.

    What am I missing?

    Im thinking about redoing the image sizes in photoshop but it will take ages.

    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi BG,
      The easiest way to center something is wrapping it in a DIV element. Also, the next release Version 2.0 has a styling option that allows you to center a slider.

      • babybiggles says:

        That’s cool! Thanks admin – And thanks for bringing nivo to wordpress in as painless a way as possible!

  16. henry says:

    Is there a way to have the caption display at the top?

    • admin says:

      You can style the caption field by adding some CSS to your style.css file. At the moment, there’s not an option to style the caption within the plugin – it’s a matter of how flexible to make the plugin without over complicating it. Some basic styling of the slider is possible in the next release – Version 2.0

  17. admin says:

    Hi Elisa,
    Depending on the type of slider you’re inserting, this is possible. For example, with a NextGen slider, there is a title field that’s used for the caption. Captions are better integrated in the next release – Version 2.0

  18. Thanks for the terrific plugin!

    By default, in the Multiple Posts tab of the Nivo slider pop-up, you create a Featured Posts slider using images from one or more categories. You can also create a “Featured Pages” slider, but unless I’m mistaken, the only option is to have it include the featured images from all published Pages.

    However, I wanted to be able to create a Featured Pages slider using featured images from only certain Pages, not all of them.

    The easiest wordaround I found was to do a plugin mash-up.

    First, add Category functionality to Pages using this nifty little plugin:


    After activating the above plugin, Category and Tag boxes appear on the Page admin page. Assign each Page you want to appear in the slider to a category (e.g., “Your Slider Category”), then, on the page or post to which you’re adding your slider, click the Easy Nivo Slider icon and select the Multiple Posts tab.

    In the first dropdown list Post Type, select Pages. Unfortunately, the new category you created does not appear in the Categories list. Finish creating the slider; the Nivo slider shortcut code now appears in your page. Add the category manually to the shortcode string, for example:

    [nivo post_type="page" category="Your Slider Category" orderby="menu_order" effect="fade"]

    For me, this worked: featured images from pages not assigned to the chosen category are ignored by the slider.

    Assigning a mix of pages and posts to the same category doesn’t work, however. Can anyone think of a way to do that?

  19. Hi !

    Great Slider, really useful. I’m trying to implement the plugin per PHP in my landing page. I use this command:
    ‘featured’)); ?>
    works fine but it seems like that the fading options in the preview panel are not applied. I set fade as transition but it still keeps random transition.
    Any extension for the php command needed?

    Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

  20. Alan Snowden says:

    Thanks for your great plugin :-)

    Is there any way I can have the sliding images link to selected pages on the website, rather than the posts it’s featured on?

  21. Lena says:

    This is a WAY cool plugin! I’m just now figuring out how to really integrate it into my site with NextGen Gallery. Thank you!

    I do have one issue. The galleries seem to be limited to 10 slides regardless of how many images are in the NextGen gallery. Is there a way to increase this? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  22. Dieti says:

    Thanks man this i very useful for word press

  23. Kyle says:

    I simply want to publish about 7 pages each with different slider content but the same size/specs for each slider.

    How do I create a slider with just the content from a gallery?

  24. mchampa says:

    Thanks for the great plugin.
    It appears that disabling the caption option will prevent the slider from working…it just shows a single image with no navigation, no auto-changing of images, no inserting of imgs in the html either. I assume this might be a WP 3.2.1 issue? I tested on a clean WP3.2.1 install just installing the plugin. Can this be cofirmed? Thanks.

  25. How can I add the slider to my index.php so that it sits below my header and above my blog posts using wordpress?

  26. LK says:


    Thanks for the plugin! I’ve installed and configured it. The slideshow is not working as only 1 image is shown and that is the last of the 4 images that I have attached to the page. Hope you can help.



  27. Matt says:

    Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for a great plugin!

  28. Brett says:

    Hi, I’d like to use different images for my posts in the slider. Is it possible to set alternate images using the class id of a post?

  29. aum creation says:

    Hi, I’m wondering why when I check the box “Display a caption using each post’s title “, it’s still the picture’s title wich is displayed and not the post’s title.. ??? An idea ?? Thx

  30. Tim Plaster says:

    First of all, thank you SO MUCH for this plugin, it’s amazing! It works perfect for me, but when I turn off the captions setting (Display a caption using each post’s title.) on the widget settings tab, it stops working!! Please help! Thank you!

  31. Steve says:

    Hi, great plugin. Is it possible to fade through black on the slider? I assume this is somewhere in the jquery file? thanks for the help, regards, Steve

  32. Aaron Karp says:

    Is it possible to change the size of the thumbnails? I’d like to make them rectangular, rather than 60×60 square. Thanks!

  33. jburnsrupp says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this great plugin. I was just wondering if there is a possibility of a “fullscreen” button to see the slide show in full screen?

  34. Manuel says:

    Hi, I´m trying to use easy nivo slider for my homepage, I just go to settings, finding the easy nivo slider, and don´t know how to ad post to it. It seems I don´t have a home page set, i´m using a theme and can´t see where I have to ad the nivo slider for it to come up in my home page. Thanks

  35. Martin says:

    Is there any way to make the images appear in a random order?

  36. mmgordon says:

    Thank you for the plugin! I am having a slight problem with it however: the slider stops at the last image. Is there a way to make it a continous loop?

  37. sammond says:

    Excellent plugin mate! Great to see you actively involved with it’s continued development too! Look forward to seeing future releases and features!


  38. sammond says:

    Hi Mate, Can you tell me which thickbox plugin you use? I’ve found ‘auto thickbox’ does not recognise nivo sliders. Any other suggestions?

  39. britain says:

    Easy_nivo_slider was he(it) compatible WP3.4?
    I would like to put the slider on my homepage thus I need a code to be inserted into the index.php file and not of a shortcode, which have to I put???

  40. Hello. Nice Plugin. How can I use images only from one category?