Easy Nivo Slider


March 1, 2011

Add Nivo Slider to your WordPress site with no coding.

Easy Nivo Slider allows you to easily add the awesome Nivo Slider to any post, page, or sidebar without writing any code.

[panel label='Overview']
This plugin generates the slideshow for you and supports many customizations.  Select which images are used in the slider and how you want it to appear, and the plugin does the rest.

Download Easy Nivo Slider plugin

» Version 2.0 beta now available

» Very basic walk-through creation of a “Current Post” slider

» Version 1.6.2

» Version 1.6

What is Nivo Slider?

“The world’s most awesome jQuery slider” – with beautiful transitions and intuitive navigation.  http://nivo.dev7studios.com/


  • Generates a slider using the attached images from a post or page.
  • Generates a slider using the featured images from posts.
  • Generates a slider using images from a NextGen gallery.
  • No coding required, not changes to the them files needed.
  • Add slider to any post or page with the Visual Editor button
  • The shortcode system writes the shortcodes for you.
  • Slider widgets to add sliders to the sidebar.
  • Preview mode lets you see how the sliders and widget will appear.
  • Customize behavior, navigation, and captions.
  • Customize transition animation and speed.
  • Images (optionally) link to the posts where they are featured
  • Add as many sliders as you want to a page – each with its own settings.


  1. Upload the plugin to your blog.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Go to the Nivo Slider Settings page and set the size and behavior for your sliders. You can have three different configurations, and as many sliders as you want.
  4. Add sliders to your posts or pages with the Nivo button in the visual editor, or to the sidebar with a widget.

[panel label='Examples']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=4000 caption='true']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=5000 caption='true' arrows='false' controls_buttons='true' ]

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=6000 caption='true' controls_numbers='true']

[nivo post_type="website" size="second" speed=600 pause=8000 caption='true' arrows='true' hide_arrows='false']

[nivo post_type="website" number=5  size="second" speed=600 caption='false' captionopacity=0.0 pause=7000 controls_thumbs='true' ]


[panel label='Screenshots']
[attachments-list size="thumbnail"]


[panel label='Coming Soon...']

Some of the things planned for future versions of the plugin:

  • Activate “Number” parameter for all slider types.
  • Add “Link to Page” option for featured image slider
  • Add “Order By” parameters
  • Add “PostID” parameter to support slider creation for a different post’s images.
  • Document API.
  • Document Shortcode parameters.
  • Rework NextGen tie-in to use its own sizing and thumbnail generation.
  • Think about a way to link a particular image to a particular page, but on the “images for current post” slider.  A couple of people have asked for this.  It’s possible, but there needs to be a way to link an image to a page.  Right now, it’s possible via the featured images system.  but if a “images for current post” system were possible, it would be easier to set up slider-to-pages links.