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    From logo to packaging design, the emerald curtain can take your brand to the next level.

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    The Emerald Curtain Studios is committed to brining you the newest and hottest trends in all aspects of design.

    We are dreaming up a new show to present what we can do for you.

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    Your company isn’t cookie cutter, so why should your site be?

    We create unique designs and functions to match  the personality and individual needs of your company.

    You dream it, we build it for you.


you have made our site read like a magazine

As we plod through other websites, we realize how well the Emerald Curtain has constructed our site. Other sites force me to wade through unnecessary layers to get to what I want, which angers and frustrates me.

You have made ours like a magazine – with search capabilities that work…

and work well. Thank You!

David Courier, Editor at Large, kevinstraveljournal.com